Your First Date Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

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Most people go to great lengths to create the perfect date only to mess it up when things don’t work out as planned. Instead of stressing yourself, you should settle for an enjoyable and comfortable night out.

After spending a considerable amount of time chatting with your crush, it’s time to take them out on a date. You want a chance to meet them for the first time or even make your intentions known to them. It is only natural to pick one of the leading restaurants in Tunbridge Wells as the venue.

The welcoming and comfortable ambiance creates the perfect setting to impress and win over your date. However, it’s your conduct that earns you the important second date.

Make a positive impression

In most cases, people will put on their best behavior to impress a date, but often, this need can end up dashing the hope for a second date. Murphy’s Law often comes into play when the stakes are that high. How you react to an unexpected situation can make or break your date.

For instance, you go to great lengths to secure the best table in a restaurant only to find that it was given to someone else. The way you react to such a situation reveals more about you than an entire evening of conversation. If you decided to berate the host or hostess, you already ruined the date.

It demonstrates that you have a short fuse and that you tend to overreact in a tense situation. Instead of impressing your companion, you would have then scampering for safety. At one time, your date might be on the receiving end of such a tirade, and that’s not an appealing scenario.

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Indulge your date

It’s only natural to pick a familiar restaurant when planning a date. The last thing that you want is to fumble through the menu or be shell-shocked about the prices. However, that doesn’t mean that you get to dictate your date’s choices.

It only natural to pay for the food if going out for the meal was your idea. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to be stuck with a high tab at the end of the date or pay it all in full. But that’s where things get a little tricky.

If the food is a tad pricy, it’s helpful to open up a conversation about the bill right from the get-go. While that might be a little unsettling, it saves both of you from major embarrassment. It also gives insights into your date’s personality. If they order an expensive meal and want to stick you with the tab, then you might want to rethink a second date.

Going on a first date can be a slippery slope for most people, and it’s quite instrumental in determining if there will be a second. As such, you should make every effort to make it comfortable and enjoyable. You will have a better experience by striving to make a date more enjoyable rather than perfect. You’re likely to have shot at getting a second date if you demonstrate to your partner that you’re a great human being.

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