Winter Parties: 8 Birthday Party Ideas

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Snow. Snowball fight. Snowman. Things you think about when someone mentions winter. Party may not come to mind, though, unless it’s focused around a holiday. But what if your birthday falls on this frosty season?

A winter birthday party is going to be so much fun, memorable and exciting. It may even be magical, depending on what activities and themes you’re going to put on.

And if you’re fresh out of ideas, steal some.

8 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

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1. Bonfire Cookout

What is more comforting than the sight of a big open fire and loved ones huddled around, eating s’mores. A bonfire cookout gives you several options for activities:

  • Do a scavenger hunt
  • Sing-along to campfire songs
  • Tell ghost stories

Before you list the fun things you’re going to be doing with your guests, find a venue. You’ll need a pretty good-sized outdoor space where bonfire is allowed. If your home has adequate outdoor space, you could set up a backyard fire pit for this winter birthday party idea.

But make sure to find out about the local laws for setting up a bonfire in your backyard. Each county has a different one. Some general rules do apply for certain situations:

  • The bonfire must be 10 feet away from the property line of your neighbor
  • It must be 25 feet away from any combustible surface, e.g., shed, deck, house
  • The bonfire must not be more than 3 feet high and 3 feet wide
  • No branch must hang over the fire pit
  • If the winds are too strong, never light up the bonfire

2. Glamping

Talk about an adventurous birthday party. If a bonfire seems like too much trouble, and you only have a few guests, try winter glamping in your backyard. It’s a more intimate affair that’s like an upgraded version of a sleep over for grown ups.

It’s also one of the best things to do on your birthday if you’re outdoorsy. The posh tents and setup make it a swanky celebration, with a winter themed birthday cake or a tier of snowman cupcakes, gourmet pizza, lanterns or twinkle lights for winter party decorations and ambience, some nice wine or mulled wine (perfect for the holidays) and family.

The winter themed birthday celebration may be customized for a kid’s birthday. Just order kid-friendly food and drinks, like substituting mulled wine with hot chocolate.

3. Coffeehouse Winter Birthday

A birthday in winter that’s not for kids is the coffeehouse themed party. Rent a stylish coffeehouse that has enough space for your guests; a café with an outdoor area could be a good venue, so your guests can have more room to move around.

The decorations may include snow globes as centerpieces, snowflakes hanging down from the ceiling and maybe some gingerbreads. For the menu, your guests may choose from a line of latte and frappuccino selections with winter themes.

4. Ice Skating Winter Party Theme

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with nostalgia? If you’ve ice skated when you were a kid, a rink will make a nice venue. You can rent part of the ice skating rink or the entire rink, depending on your budget.

It’s the perfect theme for adult and kid guests, or families. You could get ice skating instructors for guests who don’t know how to do it, so you’ll keep everyone safe while making sure they have fun.

Try putting together some favors: toy hockey pucks and ice skating themed stickers for the kids and a basket of lip balm, hand warmers and lotion for adults.

5. Cross Country Skiing

Skiing isn’t cheap, but it may be a good way to get your kids to enjoy the outdoors. This birthday celebration may also be a destination party if you live nowhere near a ski resort.

Limit the guests to family only if you’re trying to watch your costs. But if you still want to celebrate with friends, why not rent the ski resort’s events hall or restaurant space to hold a small affair with a buffet.

6. Cocktails for Winter Birthdays

Your winter wonderland party could be planned in two ways: one, in a temperature-controlled space with a bar made of ice or two, in a bar with fun, icy cocktails. Whichever venue you pick, make sure your menu of cocktails is filled with enough options for guests.

If you don’t want too much planning or trouble thinking about things to do for your birthday in winter, a cocktail party is a good option. It’s perfect for friends and family, and people you work with or clients you serve.

A winter birthday party in a bar is even easier instead of a chilly space with the bar, tables and chairs carved entirely out of ice. The food and drinks will be the stars of your winter party, so choose an excellent menu.

7. Dessert for a Winter Wonderland Party

One of the best things to do on winter birthdays is indulging in desserts. But instead of just enjoying every treat, why not make them? It’ll be a winter birthday with desserts-only menu, paired with the perfect alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Party guests who are inclined to learn about baking can try their hand at making a cake. They can take home their creations as a party favor. If a full cake is too much, try cupcake making and provide an array of toppings that are all of your favorite things.

An alternative to an all-dessert themed party would be to do a dessert-costume themed birthday party. Not everyone may be into custards, pastries, cookies, pies and all the best sweet stuff you can think of. Getting everyone to come to your winter birthday party in dessert-inspired costumes is the next best thing.

8. Snow Castle Themed Party

If it snows enough, why not use the powdery stuff outside your home as a tool for fun? Building snow castles is one of the creative things to do for winter birthdays. You can turn the activity into a contest or just have it as part of the activities you’ll have lined up.

It’s a fun idea for winter birthday parties because you get everyone outdoors and you give the guests an opportunity to show off their creativity. But make sure everyone’s warm enough. Serve hot cocoa and cookies with polar bears on them while the guests are figuring out what to build.

Other party ideas for winter birthdays include a sled racing celebration and a night at the movies.

Winter Party Themes to Celebrate Life

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You’ve got plenty of winter themes to explore to celebrate your birthday. When deciding which one to go with, consider if you want the party to be indoors or outdoors. Then, make a list of people you want to invite. From there, come up with a budget that’ll help you determine the ideal winter birthday party. The budget will give you an estimation of just how big or small you could throw the celebration.

If you’re planning for your child’s birthday, don’t feel obligated to invite everyone in their class or every kid in the neighborhood. It’s not the scale and fancy activities that’ll turn your kid’s winter themed birthday an event to remember; it’s about having everyone they love gather to celebrate, so the birthday can be modest and intimate.

Winter is a good season to have a party. The chilly weather just makes everything feel cozy and comfortable in the right place with the right food and drinks.


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