Unplug and Recharge: Four Ways to Have a Relaxing Weekend

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Life is fast-paced, and if you don’t take the time to pause and appreciate it, it may pass you by. With the constant hustle and bustle happening in our day-to-day lives, sometimes you forget to take a breath and have some time off for yourself.

Sometimes, all you need is a few days dedicated to yourself to escape the chaos, rest and get in touch with your inner peace. So, go on, book a hotel room in Fish Creek, WI, and start your weekend adventure.

Go on a Road Trip

You’re used to following the same routine every day, with each activity always requiring you to meet certain goals, whether it is a deadline for a project or presentation. A little diversion from the usual surely won’t hurt.

This time, allow yourself to be immersed with spontaneity and let the thrill of the unknown excite you. Hop in your car, drive as far away from the city as possible, and let the silence of the streets be your treat. Travel aimlessly on the road with nothing but your packed cooler of drinks and food, guided by the low humming of a Dave Matthews Band record.

Find the Perfect View


The concept of what constitutes as a “perfect view” may vary from person to person, but after all the driving you did, you’d need to have a temporary break and stop by somewhere to relax and rest.

Now, it’s advisable for you to stop somewhere quiet, but not fully isolated, somewhere you could hear yourself think and appreciate the beauty from a different perspective. Of course, all of these could be done from a high place, still away from the city, but enough to bring you closer to appreciate it from a different angle.

Get Caffeinated

After the temporary stopover, it’s time for caffeine to fuel yourself back for another round of your road trip. Find a nearby cafe. It doesn’t matter if it’s familiar to you or not, as long as it feels welcoming and has a calming atmosphere enough for you to have a moment’s peace. You could even try to maximize your exploration by ordering something that you’ve never tried before.

Spend the Night at an Unfamiliar Place

The perfect way to end your weekend getaway is to spend the night somewhere that has the comfort of your home yet visibly looks nothing like it. Often, we feel more comfortable in our own homes, but a little luxury to treat ourselves with wouldn’t hurt, right? Especially when it’s a place that will offer you services that you can’t normally have at your home, for instance, a swimming pool or even a spa.

Indulge yourself in these things because you surely deserve it after an exhausting week. Wrap up your weekend getaway at a hotel and let their breakfast be your finishing touch of different before you go back once again to your routine.

So, the perfect way to have a relaxing weekend doesn’t always require you to spend big bucks to treat yourself. Sometimes, you just need to be spontaneous and try something different!

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