Here’s Why You Should Visit Singapore the Soonest

Merlion at Singapore

Singapore is one of the most successful countries in the world, and for a good reason. It might be a small country, but it has a lot to offer. From amazing skyscrapers and lots of shopping havens to its jaw-dropping infrastructure, Singapore has it all.

Here, we will discuss some reasons why you should get Sentosa Merlion tickets ASAP and buy that plane ticket going to Singapore:

You Need to See the Merlion

Did you really go to Singapore if you did not visit the famous Merlion? This is the country’s popular icon, and tourists flock to it just to get a glimpse and a photo. The statue is located at Merlion Park, where you can see and meet lots of tourists and locals alike.

The statue is a half lion and half fish, which spurts water out of its mouth. Most tourists try to take a photo with the Merlion with a particular angle as if they are drinking the water straight from the Merlion’s mouth. Go ahead and visit this soon so you can update your awesome social media feeds.

The Famous Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwich is a common treat and dessert in Singapore. You can find it in almost every corner of the city, ready to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sure, this might seem like your regular ice cream, but putting it in a bun or a loaf is a refreshing way to eat it, compared to just licking it straight from a cone or a stick. Not only is this type of dessert fun to eat, but it also is satisfying and delicious. You shouldn’t leave Singapore without trying this!

Yummy and Healthy Food

Singapore is known for its yummy yet healthy cuisine. It also hosts a number of amazing restaurants and Hawker Centres that serves delicious food. Some of the dishes you should order are Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice, and many more.

Chicken rice is one of the most famous dishes in Singapore. It is similar to Hainanese chicken with a bit of spice. If you are not that into spicy types of food, though, then tell the cook to tone down the spice.

The People and the Culture

Sentosa logo in Singapore

The best thing about travelling is learning about different cultures and their people. Singaporeans are disciplined citizens, which is why the country is so clean and successful. They have strict laws, to which both foreigners and locals must abide by. Most Singaporeans are hospitable and friendly, though, so go ahead and talk to the locals.

Singapore is known to be one of the countries that have quite high living standards. You will find that food and other items are quite expensive, so make sure to bring a couple of extra bucks if you want to see and experience lots of things. It’s all worth it, though, and this will most probably be one of the best trips of your entire life. Enjoy Singapore and do not forget to eat lots!

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