The Most Interesting Things About Wichita, Kansas

Modern Log Cabin Home in a Forest Environment

If you’re considering going for a lodge in Wichita, Kansas, you’re looking to a great experience of the Midwest meets the Wild West. There are many great places to see and experiences to undergo that one will be spoilt for choice, really.

Wichita is more than just its places, however; it also has a very rich history that adds to its character and personality. Here are the most fascinating things that you need to know about Wichita, Kansas.

Noble History

Wichita is located within Sedgwick County in Kansas. Like many counties in the region, the county takes its name from a famed Union General. In this case, it’s General John Sedgwick. He was one of the highest-ranking officers to be killed during the Civil War.

His VI Corps played a pivotal role in the Chancellorsville Campaign. His last words were: “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” That’s ironic considering a sniper felled him at considerable range.

Food Homes

Food lovers have Wichita to thank for two of the biggest food franchises in America today. The first of these is Pizza Hut. It was started in 1958 by the brothers Dan and Frank Carney which they did off of a USD 600 loan from their mom.

The idea of a pizza parlor wasn’t a hot idea at the time, but it eventually proved to be one of the most successful in history. The burger chain, White Castle, famous for its five-cent burgers also began life in the area.

Healthcare Titan

team of smiling doctorsIf you ever had a very nasty cold and went for Mentholatum ointment for comfort, you have Wichita to thank. That very popular healthcare product was the result of the vision of resident and banker Albert A.

Hyde when he founded his company in 1889. His vision was an accessible balm to aid those experiencing distress. The product remains quite popular into modern times with many families considering it their go-to remedy.

Natural Draws

One of the things that bring in people to lodge in Wichita, Kansas is the closeness of the area to nature. Much of its environs are wide, cool plains and vast forests.

Its plains are so famous that a Kiowa-Comanche artist named Francis Blackbear Bosin created Wichita’s most famous landmark. It’s a 44 foot tall, 5-ton statue called the Keeper of the Plains. It was made to honor the 1976 bicentennial of the U.S.

In the Air

There’s a very good reason Wichita is considered the air capital of the U.S. In World War II, 44% of the primary trainers flown by American pilots were created by Boeing in the city. The very first swept-wing bomber — the B-47 — in the world was first built in the city in 1952.

There’s so much Wichita has to offer — a city rich in history — that makes it worth visiting and even living in. Its windswept plains and natural beauty also makes it great for special gatherings and events. The key is to choose a venue or lodge that offers the most of Wichita’s beauty for your needs.

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