Culinary Exploration: New & Exciting Recipes From Around the World

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  • The article details the exciting journey of discovering international cuisine, emphasizing the cultural richness of each dish.
  • Korean cuisine offers a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, highlighted by Korean Fried Chicken and its delightful accompaniments.
  • Chinese cuisine is a diverse culinary landscape, with regional specialties like Sichuan hotpot, Cantonese dim sum, and a multitude of noodle dishes.
  • Cuban cuisine boasts the well-loved Cuban sandwich, complemented by the savory Ropa Vieja, comforting Congri, and sweet Maduros.

Traveling can be an exhilarating experience, especially if you love trying new foods from around the world. Some of the best dishes are often found in the streets or hole-in-the-wall restaurants — and that’s what makes discovering new recipes so exciting. Each local delicacy brings with it a unique cultural perspective, as well as a different way of preparing and serving meals. This blog post explores the joys of discovering new and exciting recipes from around the world.

Korean Fried Chicken

While many people are familiar with Korean barbecue, Korean fried chicken really tantalizes the taste buds. This dish consists of crispy, tender chicken pieces that are twice-fried for extra crispy skin. The chicken is then coated with a sweet and savory sauce made from gochujang (Korean chili paste), soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. Korean fried chicken is often served with pickled radish and beer — a perfect combo for those looking for a hearty meal. Here are other dishes that are often served with Korean Fried Chicken:

Kimchi Jeon

Kimchi Jeon, also known as Kimchi Pancake, is a popular Korean dish that perfectly complements Korean Fried Chicken. It’s a savory pancake loaded with fermented kimchi, giving it a tangy and spicy flavor that’s truly addictive. The pancake is typically crispy on the outside but tender on the inside, creating a delightful contrast of textures. Whether enjoyed as a snack, a side dish, or even a main course, Kimchi Jeon is a culinary masterpiece that’s not to be missed in Korean cuisine.


Tteokbokki, a popular Korean street food, is another divine companion to Korean Fried Chicken. This dish features chewy, cylindrical rice cakes simmered in a spicy and slightly sweet sauce made from gochujang. The rice cakes absorb the sauce beautifully, creating a flavor-packed, satisfying and comforting treat. Often garnished with hard-boiled eggs, scallions, and fish cakes, Tteokbokki offers a symphony of flavors and textures that might initially seem simple but will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.


Japchae is a quintessential Korean dish that pairs beautifully with Korean Fried Chicken. A tasty and colorful medley of stir-fried glass noodles made from sweet potato starch, Japchae is mixed with an assortment of vegetables, mushrooms, and proteins. Its unique flavor comes from the sweet and savory soy-based sauce that beautifully intertwines with the ingredients.

korean food in the streets of Seoul

Chinese Cuisine

Stepping into an authentic Chinese restaurant is like embarking on a gastronomic journey through one of the world’s most diverse and rich culinary heritages. Each regional cuisine, be it Sichuan, Cantonese, or Shandong, is a testament to the nation’s extensive history and varied geographical features.

Whether it’s the fiery heat of a Sichuan hotpot, the delicate balance of a Cantonese dim sum, or the hearty flavors of a Shandong dumpling, Chinese cuisine is a fascinating tapestry of flavors waiting to be discovered. For instance, in the Yangtze Delta region, specialties include Peking duck, where the crispy-skinned duck is split into thin slices and served with a sweet sauce.

Furthermore, Chinese noodles are a cultural staple with hundreds of varieties made from wheat, rice, and mung bean flour. Some of the most popular dishes include beef noodle soup, dan dan noodles, and cold sesame noodles. These hearty dishes make for a perfect meal any time of day.

chinese food with noodles and dumpling

Cuban Sandwich From Cuba

When it comes to sandwiches, Cubans have perfected the art with their Cuban sandwich. This tasty dish consists of ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, all wrapped in a lightly toasted roll. The dish is pressed until the cheese is melted and oozed from the edges. The combination of flavors and textures is simply unforgettable. Here are dishes that are often served with Cuban sandwiches:

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja, which means “old clothes” in Spanish, is a classic Cuban dish made with shredded beef that’s cooked until it’s melt-in-your-mouth tender. The meat is simmered in a rich sauce made from tomato paste, bell peppers, and olives. This delicious combination of flavors makes Ropa Vieja the perfect accompaniment to a Cuban sandwich.


Congri, also known as Moros y Cristianos in Spanish, is a traditional Cuban dish made with black beans and white rice. The dish is simmered until the flavors have blended together nicely. Congri is a comforting meal that can be enjoyed as a side or a main course. It pairs perfectly with the savory Cuban sandwich and is sure to tantalize the taste buds.


Maduros are fried sweet plantains that offer a unique twist to Cuban cuisine. They’re cooked until golden brown, then served as an accompaniment to many dishes, including Cuban sandwiches. These sweet and slightly creamy plantains are incredibly addictive and perfect for any Cuban-inspired meal.

The world is full of delicious dishes waiting to be sampled. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an adventurous foodie, trying new recipes from around the world is an experience like no other. The dishes listed here are a great starting point, but so many more are to be discovered. So, next time you’re traveling abroad, be sure to leave some time for culinary exploration and let your taste buds lead you on a journey of discovery.

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