Tips on Having Fun Outside While Social Distancing

We are living in uncertain times and that makes it all the more important that you find ways to keep up your spirits. This means leaving the house and having some fun once in a while. As long as you observe social distancing guidelines and have a good mask on, there is any number of activities you could enjoy on your weekends.

Whether you return to your old stomping grounds or try out something new, take your family or friends to enjoy multiple activities available across the island:

Delight All Your Senses at Jewel Changi

There is so much to do at Changi Airport and this is one part of it that people never seem to get tired of visiting. Jewel Changi is known internationally for the HSBC rain vortex which serves as its centerpiece. This magnificent feat of engineering and showstopping example of Singaporean architecture is seven stories of wonder.

Refresh yourself by taking a walk through the Shiseido Forest Valley and enjoying the many opportunities for stunning selfies. There are sculptures and topiary in the shape of different types of animals to delight anyone of any age. Also, at night, the waterfall becomes a light and sound show which is sure to delight everyone.

When you are done exploring and enjoying the views, there are many retail and food options to enjoy. Drop by the Shake Shack or Five Spices for a taste fest that is sure to hit the spot.

You can easily spend the whole day at Jewel Changi and not repeat any activity more than once.

Put On Your Boots and Take a Hike

If you are looking for a complete break from being surrounded by buildings, then it might be time to indulge in an activity that combines exercise and enjoyment. Hiking is the natural choice to get some sweat going while enjoying a back to nature feel.

Use the Nparks website to update yourself on the least crowded parks and trails so you can observe social distancing guidelines.

A hike that never fails to please is the Southern Ridges which offers different trails for people of varying abilities. It connects Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve. Home to a wide variety of flora and fauna is the perfect weekend spot for nature lovers.

Another popular hike is the Canopy Walk which is geared towards those who want to experience heritage and history. This would be more suitable if you are hiking with older children or people unused to the rigors of rougher trails. The trail leads from Kent Ridge Park to Reflections at Bukit Chandu which was once known as Opium Hill. It was the site of one of the last battles of World War two in Singapore.

Now it is a beautiful and reflective path that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of Singapore as you discover more about history.

Immerse Yourself in Natural Beauty

Singapore Orchard

If you feel like you need to get away from the city but you are not a hiking enthusiast, then head over to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is still very much within the city as it is not far from Orchard Road.

More than 160 years old, the gardens have been listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites list since 2015. Lush and a peaceful sanctuary for the soul, the gardens are delightful no matter how many times you visit.

The gardens are designed to follow a concept where there are four core areas. Each area has something different and exciting to offer. The Learning Forest is the newest of these and integrates the gardens existing rainforest to form an enlarged forest habitat in Tyersall-Gallop.

Gardens in Tanglin is a heritage area with historic charm and recreations of gardens from the past. The Central core is the acknowledged tourist area and Bukit Timah is an educational and discovery zone.

The gardens have also initiated precautions that limit how many people can visit, but in a way, this is a plus point as you no longer have to worry about large crowds. You are sure to enjoy a restful and back-to-nature vibe at the Botanic Gardens.

There is something for everyone in Singapore and you just have to be willing to find the activity that’s suitable for you. Times are tough, and we do have to live by new rules that are taking some getting used to, but that is no reason to feel that you have to be stuck at home.

Find an activity that you enjoy, and make plans to ensure that your next weekend is filled with excitement and fun.

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