Things to Consider When Looking for a Cocktail Bar in the City

cocktail bar

Spending your Friday night in a cocktail bar is a great way to cap off the week. You get the chance to enjoy a few great drinks, experience excellent service, and enjoy the atmosphere throughout the night. But how do you find the best cocktail bars in Singapore?

Indeed, the easiest way to see if a bar produces good cocktails is to taste them. However, that will be too expensive. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you find excellent cocktail bars:

Do they have attentive service staff?

A bar would not be great without some courteous and attentive staff. So, when you first walk through the door, pay close attention to the staff’s reaction to your arrival. Excellent cocktail bars should have well-trained employees who greet their guests in a friendly way. You can then sit by in front of the bar and ask them what they recommend. They should be able to help you select each drink found on their menu.

Do they pour drinks onto new ice?

Observe if they always use fresh ice for their beverages. Though they might have ice in their shakers, they should pour your chilled drinks onto fresh ice. Shook ice will not be able to keep your cocktail cold for long and will dilute it completely.

What garnish do they use?


If you are paying a hefty price for a delicious drink, the juice needs to be fresh. It should be the same for the garnishes. Although it is acceptable to prepare garnishes, such as rounds and wedges, beforehand, they should not look dried out. Also, cherry-containing cocktails should come with dark fruit.

Does it have a comfortable atmosphere?

Like most bars and restaurants, the overall atmosphere of the cocktail bar is crucial. Whether it’s a large establishment or not, what is important is that you feel comfortable the moment that you walk in until you leave. Aside from the staff, it is always best to consider the physical aesthetics of the establishment, such as the lights, decor, and music.

What does the environment feel like?

The environment that patrons create can also make or break your entire experience. There are times when all you want to do is to is enjoy your drink and chat with your friends. If the environment is too loud or rowdy, then it will only destroy your night and affect the way you look at the place.

Thus, try to watch how their patrons interact with the staff. You should also observe how customers approach one another. See if the patrons are respectful of the space. A welcoming environment will surely make your stay even better.

In the end, these are only a few of the things that you need to consider when looking for a great cocktail bar in the city. You can also ask the locals to know which bars are great so that you can have first-hand information on some of the best establishments to spend your Friday night.

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