The Choice: Picking the Right Country for Your Studies

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Maybe you have been dreaming of studying abroad. You may even be thinking that it is impossible. But if you consider other aspects, going abroad for studying, whether, for your university degree or a post-graduate endeavour, you may find that it is practical and realistic. After all, there are many foundations and scholarship organisations that may offer you help. Some universities abroad have their sponsorship program to make your study possible. And if you know that you have a fighting chance, you ought to go for it. You will only see that it is worth it once you have gotten into it.

Maybe you have decided now. The next step would be choosing which country to study in. Well, it will all depend on the university you are eyeing. But there are a lot of factors that you will have to consider. Regardless, here are some of the things that you should not forget.

Your Area of Expertise or Field of Study

What do you want to study? That is the first question that you need to answer. A lot of universities have their specialisations. For one, if you are looking to study medicine, you may consider flying to the US and study at Johns Hopkins University or Harvard. If you want the same discipline, but you want to take it in Asia, the National University of Singapore will be one of your best bets. You may be following certain figures and professionals in your discipline, and you may consider the universities where they may be teaching.

The Cost of Living

While you may have a scholarship and your expenses are pretty much covered, you will need to consider the cost of living in that country. You do not want to be shocked by how much people in that country are spending, especially the students. For one, if you are planning to study in the UK, you ought to find affordable housing. This is not usually a problem, as there are many choices of affordable accommodations for students in London.

The Difficulty of Getting In

Applying to a university abroad is not always a walk in the park. This is especially true if you are eyeing the likes of Harvard, Oxford, and Tokyo University. You should know their screening process so that you will be able to prepare. Keep in mind that interviews and essays are big parts of the application process, so you should practice and practice in these areas. You can seek the help of your friends when it comes to fine-tuning your materials and performances.

Seeking Advice

seeking advice

Speaking of seeking advice, you may want to reach out to those that have studied abroad. Get to know their experience in application and the lifestyle itself. That way, you will have an idea on what to do should you pursue your application.

Picking the right country for your studies can be challenging, knowing that it will be your first time to do it. Ultimately, it will be your decision. Trust that your decision will be fantastic. After all, you have done your part as far as due diligence is concerned.

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