Last-Minute Business Trip Tips: Staying Fresh and Ready for Your Meeting

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Most business trips are carefully planned to ensure you have enough time to rest and prepare before meeting with business partners and potential investors/clients. However, there will be times where an important last-minute business trip needs to be made, and by last-minute, we do mean travelling within 24-48 hours or less to meet up with the stakeholder. Even well-planned-and-paced trips can be tiresome, so having one in short notice can be extremely stressful and exhausting.

The Importance of Staying Fresh and Ready

There’s a higher chance of you not being at your 100% when you finally show up for the meeting, and when it comes to essential meetings like these, bringing your A-game can make a huge difference in the outcome. If you end up meeting your company’s stakeholders looking haggard and with a cloudy head, don’t expect to get the most out of your trip. As such, you’d want to go into that meeting looking and feeling fresh, equipped with a sharp-and-ready mind.

That may sound impossible after a taxing last-minute flight but stick around as we explore these travel tips to keep your fresh and prepared for the big meeting.

Keep Hydrated

You may have gotten used to having a glass of wine during your pre-planned business trip flights, but you’ll want to hold off on that until after your business has concluded. You’ll want to stay hydrated throughout your trip, not only can it keep you healthy, but it keeps your stress level down while also ensuring that you don’t get dehydrated. Dehydration is known to cause brain fog, focus issues, and all sorts of mental and physical problems that you want to avoid during this trip. Drink as much as possible, even if that means going to the bathroom more often, it’s well worth that tiny inconvenience.

Eat Well (Even Before Your Flight)

Your meals in the last 48 hours can affect your physical and mental performance and health. So upon hearing news that you need to take a last-minute business trip, it’s time to swap that burger for a salad. Avoid indulging too much on fatty, oily, and sweet food — although it can be tempting to stress-eat during the entire trip. You can always treat yourself after your meeting, so for now, eat your greens and lean proteins.

Bring a Change of Clothes, Avoid Perfume

You may be tempted to put on what you’d be wearing for the meeting, especially if you’re short on time, but you’re risking wrinkling and smelling up your business clothes. So it’s best to have a change of clothes ready, just in case you end up sweating and wrinkling your clothes during the hectic commute. You may also be inclined to mask your ‘travel musk’ with a healthy spray of strong cologne or perfume, but this can be assaulting to one’s nose, and you don’t want that to happen to your potential client/partner/investor.

Sleep Whenever You Get the Chance

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Sleep is essential in keeping a sharp mind, and also help you lower your stress levels. Bring along a sleeping kit (neck pillow, earplugs, and sleeping eye mask) to allow you to sleep during the flight, and whenever you get the chance to do so. If you have a few hours to spare, you can take advantage of spas, massage chairs, or even a nearby by-the-hour hotel to rejuvenate. In fact, there’s a hotel in Changi Airport that lets you stay for at least 4 hours (and up to overnight) in order rest, and freshen up for your meeting.

The Takeaway

There’s no question that you’d want to be in your best shape (both in mind and body) in a business meeting, and although it’s hard to achieve that when you’ve taken a potentially stressful last-minute flight, it’s still possible to do so by following these simple tips.

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