Five Ways to Save Time and Increase Productivity

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Everybody knows the feeling of not having enough time to get things done. Have you ever wondered how you can be more efficient? Here are five ways to start saving time and increase your daily productivity.


It may be odd to start this list by recommending that you dedicate extra time to an activity that many people can’t seem to find room for in their daily lives. But regular exercise doesn’t just have long term health benefits.

Several studies have linked aerobic exercise – which you can get done in quick, high-intensity workouts – boosts brain function and improves productivity. Think of it as a small upfront investment; put in the effort at the start of your day, and benefit from the improvements in all your other tasks. As a side benefit – you could end up cutting down on trips to the gym here in Vancouver.

Manage your information stream

One problem that’s increasingly relevant to our modern age is the constant barrage of information we face. Whether it’s time we spend on social media or browsing sites of interest, we can quickly lose track of the amount of time we spend on these unproductive activities. Even minor notifications such as new emails and messages can cause our minds to lose focus.

The solution is to manage your information. Cut down on time you spend surfing or flipping through social media posts. Filter out all but the most urgent alerts and messages. You can block off a time later in the evening when you can attend to these things; during your productive hours, they are simply distractions.

Organize your stuff

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve and streamline their processes, and as individuals, we can learn a few things from this approach. A little more organization around your home doesn’t hurt, for example – making it easier to get dressed and pack your things for work.

Have you extended this organization to your virtual operations? Simple email filters in any client or interface take minutes to set up. Services such as IFTTT automate repetitive tasks and save you many clicks and taps in the long run.

Maximize idle time

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Sometimes you find yourself with a little idle time on your hands, such as on your work break. This can be perfect for getting stuff done, such as calling your internet provider to follow up on a repair schedule or catching up on your reading list.

You can also make your commute productive by listening to audiobooks, for instance. Or reward yourself after a tiring day by ordering pizza delivery as you make your way back to your home in downtown Vancouver through the rush hour traffic.

Plan ahead

The evening might be your designated time for relaxing, as you sit back and watch your favorite series, or give in to the pull of social media. That’s fine; we all need time to unwind. But consider setting aside a short period during which you plan for the next day.

You don’t have to get into detail; outline the basic structure of the day and how you plan to get started. What time you’ll wake up and what tasks you have to do first any errands to run, or critical goals to accomplish at work for the day. Spare a few minutes in the evening, so you don’t have to waste more time the following day getting yourself oriented.

There are many other ways to save time and be more productive. Keep testing to find out what works best for you.

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