Best Places to Visit in the Swiss Alps if You’re a Skier

Female freeride skier

If you’re going to book an Alps tours this summer, be sure to check out some of the best ski resorts in the area. Not only do they provide the best views of Switzerland’s mountains, but they also have the best venues to practice your slalom runs or teach your children how to start skiing.


If you’re looking for a beautiful ski resort that the whole family will enjoy, then you should find one in Zermatt. This municipality is considered to be Switzerland’s best location for skiing. It has an altitude of 2,500 to 3,900 meters with a vertical drop of 2,133 meters, which is perfect for skiers.

Aside from that, tourists will find the Matterhorn in this municipality. It is considered to be one of the highest peaks in Europe, overlooking the town of Zermatt. If you’re looking for a majestic mountain to serve as the background of your selfie, the Matterhorn would be your best candidate.

Going back to skiing, people of varying expertise in this winter pastime will find Zermatt a great place to ski because it has several ski slopes for different skiers.

If you’re a beginner or if your child is just starting to learn how to ski, then you could check out Wolli’s Park where beginners learn to ski. If you think you’re more advanced, you can try out the Gornergat or the Theodul Pass, which are both nearby and accessible via cable cars. Also, both places have resorts where you can stay overnight or for the whole duration of your vacation.

St. Moritz

Go over to St. Moritz if you’re looking for more than just skiing. You can check out the several slopes here that have varying levels of difficulty for every skier. If you’re a beginner, you can check out the Corvatsch for easier slopes to ski on. If you like a more challenging slope, then you can go over to Signalkuppe or Corviglia.

But if you’re tired of skiing, St. Moritz has other winter pastimes you can try out. You can ride a toboggan on Muottas Muragi where tourists say the ride is exciting and creepy at the same time. You would have to try it out if you want to know why it’s creepy.

Or, if you would like to just hang out and take in the scenery, St. Moritz has so many picturesque landscapes you can view. You’re sure to have hundreds of selfies in this place, because the entire city is teeming with majestic lakes, mountains, architecture and flora.


Jumping skier

If you came to the Swiss Alps because you want to challenge yourself in skiing, then you should check out Verbier. This town boasts some of the best ski slopes for more experienced skiers. If you like steep slopes and tough terrains, Verbier is the place for you.

Go straight to Tortin if you want a challenging slope. This ski slope is said to be Europe’s steepest one. Also, you’ll have a long stretch to conquer as this slope has about 410 kilometers of ski runs for you. That’s a long distance to cover and a very steep slope to conquer. So, if you come out of this slope unscathed then you truly are an experienced skier.

If skiing is your thing, make it a point to visit the Swiss Alps and try out one of their several ski resorts. They’re all breathtakingly beautiful and the ski slopes are a thrill to try out.

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